Utility Trailer Swing Side Ramp Door Bar Lock Latch Cargo Zinc 24″ Weldment

$27.00 $24.30

Designed to mount on flush doors, vertical application. Handle welded to dead center of pipe or bar. Welded pipe assembly designed to mount to body of trailer. When handle is rotated the handle and 36″ pipe rotate away from trailer body to allow door to open. When closed pipe applies pressure to door flange, securing door shut. Hasp placed in a position directly under handle to secure with padlock. 

Rubber coated handle is centered on 24″ steel pipe, length from center of pipe to end of handle @ 12.50″
One Piece zinc plated hasp, swivel, accepts locking device, measures 2″w x 5.125″L, 4.00″ BC (bolt center)
Hinge plate that fastens to trailer body measures from outside of pipe to outside of hinge @ 4″ Hinge itself measures 2″w x 4.50″L , Bolt Center 3.375″
Zinc plated roller hinge welded center of 24″L, 1″ diameter galvanized pipe
4  –  5/16″ x 1/2″ camtainer nuts included