Replacement Trailer Hardware for Toy Hauler Trailers

Do you need replacement trailer hardware to prepare for your next toy hauler adventure? 

Whether you’re hauling a jet ski for a weekend getaway, a fishing boat for your next angling adventure, or an ATV for some off-road fun, we have the components to keep your trailer in top shape. Embrace the freedom of the open road with Dog Box Parts, your one-stop shop for reliable toy hauler trailer replacement parts.

Quality Trailer Hardware

At Dog Box Parts, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality parts to keep you and your trailer safe on the road. Our selection of trailer latches, engineered from durable aluminum and robust steel, offer the security and durability you need. With their design for heavy-duty use and seamless operation, you can trust these latches to keep your outdoor recreational equipment safe. Our cam bar trailer door latches are designed for ultimate security during transit.

Dog Box Parts also offers a variety of general accessories, such as strap hinges. These parts play an instrumental role in maintaining your toy hauler’s structural stability. They ensure your trailer can bear the load of small vehicles like motorbikes or snowmobiles and withstand the pressures of long hauls. You can also choose from our selection of trailer roof vents which help to minimize heat and moisture buildup, extending the life of your trailer and vehicles alike.

Industry-Leading Trailer Hardware for Your Toy Hauler

Discover a wide range of designs suitable for any style of toy hauler trailer. Connect with Dog Box Parts today for all your replacement hardware needs for your toy hauler!


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