Replacement Trailer Hardware for Horse Trailers

Do you need replacement trailer hardware for your horse trailer?

Dog Box Parts is your go-to source for premium replacement trailer hardware designed to suit all your specific needs for your horse trailer. We understand the unique transportation needs of horse owners and strive to connect you with all the top-notch products you need for both the safety and comfort of your equine companions during transit.

Top-Quality Horse Trailer Hardware

Dog Box Parts offers a wide range of replacement trailer hardware you can rely on for your horse trailer, including trailer latches, cam bar trailer door latches, strap hinges, and general accessories. With our premium accessories, you can enjoy a higher level of functionality and convenience for your horse trailer.

Our latches are crafted for the security and reliability of your trailer doors when opening and closing. We offer aluminum and steel latch options to cater to your preferences. Our cam bar trailer latches ensure tight and dependable closure, preventing accidental openings during transit. With this latch, you can know that your horses are safe and secure inside the trailer. Our vast inventory of replacement trailer hardware is sure to have just the right parts to keep your horse trailer in optimal condition.

Durable Trailer Hardware for Horse Trailers

Our replacement trailer hardware for horse trailers is here to help your trailer last longer no matter how much you use it. Contact us at Dog Box Parts today for unbeatable hardware for all makes and models of horse trailers!


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