Feeling Guilty about leaving your Dog Alone?

If you feel bad about leaving your dog behind when you are at work or feel your dog is getting bored at home while you are away, doggy daycare is a great option.


Dog daycare centers can help meet your dog’s needs for attention and activity. Here are some very important benefits dogs get when they go to a daycare instead of being alone at home.


  • If your dog is a high-energy breed who feels bored at home, s/he can enjoy playing and socializing with other dogs at a boarding or daycare center.
  • When your dog is home alone, there is no way for him/her to use the energy s/he has. So, your dog may greet you bored or irritated. At a daycare, s/he gets to play, socialize, snack and nap while you’re away. At the end of the day, you meet a pleasantly tired dog who is happy to relax with you all evening.
  • Dogs are pack animals. A daycare allows them to roam, play and interact with other dogs even when you can’t take them out.
  • Other important benefits of doggy daycare include –
    • Relief from boredom
    • Relief from loneliness and separation anxiety that loneliness can cause in dogs
    • Socialization with people and other dogs
    • Provides the needed exercise
    • Prevention of destructive behavior, when left unsupervised
    • Relief from guilt for dog owners who feel bad about leaving their dogs home alone


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5 Things you can do if your Dog is a Shedder

All dog owners love to see a shiny and healthy coat on their dogs. But what do you do if your dog is a shedder? The housekeeping alone can take most of your time. Here are 5 simple tips to help you with your shedding dog.


Brushing can help you comb out loose hair and keep your dog’s coat and fur healthy. Make this a regular practice and turn it into a special bonding time between you and your dog. It also means you don’t have to run to the groomer every time.


Your dog is going to shed anyways. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner that can carry out heavy dog hair pickup and make your job easier.

Dog Diet

Some excess fur on your dog could be due to diet. In consultation with your dog’s vet, change to a protein-rich diet from a grain diet. This will improve your dog’s coat and you would have to feed it less too.

Consult the Vet

Excess shedding could also be a sign of a skin allergy. If you see unusual shedding, consult your dog’s vet.

Omega Intake Matters

Omega-3 and Omega-6 in your dog’s diet can significantly improve his/her skin and coat. While many dog foods claim Omega-3 and Omega-6 fortification, ask your dog’s vet about how you can supplement your dog’s diet to include these nutrients.


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5 Essential Hacks for dog door training

5 Essential Hacks for dog door training

Having a dog door comes with much more benefits than you have imagined. Apart from giving freedom to your pets, it gives them chance to trim their body by playing outside. The dog doors also enable your pet to scare off intruders, thereby adding an additional layer of security. That’s not all! Using a dog door on a regular basis enhances the confidence of your dog.

You can get some well-built doors and their parts easily in the market. But the real challenge comes in the form of training your dog to use these doors. To help you out, we have unpacked some useful tips that will ensure that your adorable pet starts using a dog door seamlessly.

  1. Choose the door with appropriate size

Several times, your dog fails to use the door due to his short height. Therefore, it is necessary to have a door which is only two inches taller than the shoulder of the dog.

  1. Limit the training time

The training time must not exceed 10-12 minutes during each session. This is necessary to make sure that you and your doggie do not get irritated.

  1. Never force

Forcing the dog by pulling or pushing will not do any good for the training. On the contrary, it can make your dog scared or can lead to injury. Therefore, make the training a pleasant experience by sitting on the floor near the door and encouraging him to come to the door.

  1. Have some treats ready for him

That old and approved method of using treats while training works here, too. Make sure to have snacks with strong smell to ease up the process.

  1. Choose the side on the basis of personality

If your dog loves to play outside, then initiate the training by keeping him inside. On the other hand, if he prefers the comfort of the home, begin the training session from outside.

Following all these tips will definitely turn your pooch into a pro when it comes to the use of the dog door.

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4 Do’s and Don’ts While Buying Dog Carrier Boxes

4 Do’s and Don’ts While Buying Dog Carrier Boxes

If you have dogs and want them to go with you when you travel, you should invest in a dog carrier for your dog. You can place it in your car during short rides to the veterinarian or on long rides. They can also be used to carry you pet in public places, such as, a train station. The dog carrier box protects the dog from injury and gives it a sense of security.

One of the leading manufacturers of custom dog boxes and parts, Dog Box Parts, share some important dos and don’ts for dog owners who are shopping for a dog carrier.


The dog carrier should be durable, stable and big enough to carry a dog. Plastic, metal or wire dog boxes are easily available online and can even be customized as per your dog’s size and needs by leading sellers, such as www.dogboxparts.com.

Adequate Ventilation

It is essential that there is sufficient ventilation in the carrier. The door of the crate should be a metal grate style, allowing plenty of air into the carrier. The sides of the carrier should also have slots or small windows so that the air can flow through it and so that dogs can look out and see what is going on around them.

Don’t Put the Dog in a Strange Carrier Suddenly

Before the trip, give your dog an opportunity to get familiar with the dog carrier. Let the dog can go in and out and explore the dog carrier at home or take the dog out in the dog carrier or box for a short trip or walk. That will make them more comfortable when they are confined in it for a longer period of time.

Don’t Choose Spring-Loaded Doors

The door on the dog box or carrier is often made of wire so that the dog can look out. The door and its latch should be strong and durable. The door should be firmly secured with storage door latches. Ensure that the door on the dog carrier is not spring-loaded which can slam shut; rather it should be secured with storage door latches. You can buy storage door latches for a dog box or carrier at Dog Box Parts online at a reasonable price.

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Dog Box Parts Blog

Dog Box Parts Blog


The door latches or bolts play an integral part of door hardware. It is not often used to lock the door but some latches are available with key locking system and hence can only be opened from the outside with a key. Available in three materials iron, steel, and aluminum, the door bolts should be bought in such a manner that it should fit in properly with the strike plates.  Listed below are the key things that you must keep in mind while purchasing door bolts:-

  1. If you are planning to buy bolts for sliding doors then patio door latches are good to buy. They have good finish and functionality and are considered as the most chosen door latches in the world.


  1. To add class and style in the home Rim latches are an ideal choice. Like most modern latches, they are mounted within of a door instead of on the door’s edging.


  1. If you want to buy something simple yet durable, dead latches top the list. They provide added protection to the doors and windows of your home.


Always start your shopping for door bolts once you decide on the styles and the types of window. Typically, metallic latches made of work well with all types of windows. However, if you are selecting metallic latches their resistivity to rust and decay should be checked accurately. Also keep a check on the quality of material that is used for making latches as it is associated with the security of your home. High-quality latches will add more security to your home and vice versa.

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