4 Do’s and Don’ts While Buying Dog Carrier Boxes

4 Do’s and Don’ts While Buying Dog Carrier Boxes

If you have dogs and want them to go with you when you travel, you should invest in a dog carrier for your dog. You can place it in your car during short rides to the veterinarian or on long rides. They can also be used to carry you pet in public places, such as, a train station. The dog carrier box protects the dog from injury and gives it a sense of security.

One of the leading manufacturers of custom dog boxes and parts, Dog Box Parts, share some important dos and don’ts for dog owners who are shopping for a dog carrier.


The dog carrier should be durable, stable and big enough to carry a dog. Plastic, metal or wire dog boxes are easily available online and can even be customized as per your dog’s size and needs by leading sellers, such as

Adequate Ventilation

It is essential that there is sufficient ventilation in the carrier. The door of the crate should be a metal grate style, allowing plenty of air into the carrier. The sides of the carrier should also have slots or small windows so that the air can flow through it and so that dogs can look out and see what is going on around them.

Don’t Put the Dog in a Strange Carrier Suddenly

Before the trip, give your dog an opportunity to get familiar with the dog carrier. Let the dog can go in and out and explore the dog carrier at home or take the dog out in the dog carrier or box for a short trip or walk. That will make them more comfortable when they are confined in it for a longer period of time.

Don’t Choose Spring-Loaded Doors

The door on the dog box or carrier is often made of wire so that the dog can look out. The door and its latch should be strong and durable. The door should be firmly secured with storage door latches. Ensure that the door on the dog carrier is not spring-loaded which can slam shut; rather it should be secured with storage door latches. You can buy storage door latches for a dog box or carrier at Dog Box Parts online at a reasonable price.

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