Center Case Latch 5611 OL


Center case latch designed to operate with L204R or BP225 “L” handles. Specific for two point latch on dog doors or storage boxes.  Extended tang designed to strike behind door frame to pull door tight at center.

Included are the following:
2- 34″ Rods and hold down clips. Rods will require cut to length to fit your application. Mounting designed to place center case on backside of door, either mounted directly to door plate or raised away from backside with spacer. Clips placed at rod ends to secure door by striking behind door frame or drilling holes into frame.
Center Case alone measures 2″w x 4.25″L with a 5/16″ sq hole to accept “L” or “T” handle shaft.  OL center case applies to ,as you are facing door, hinge on left edge. Image showing a backside of a kennel door is a application installed.

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 34 x 4 x 4 in


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