Listen to your Dog’s Body Language

Your dog may not be able to ‘speak’ your language but your dog does communicate with you, doesn’t s/he? The canine language is rich and filled with subtle and obvious hints. The flick of an ear or the tail can be interpreted to understand your dog’s emotional state.  The eyes, the ears, the mouth, the tail and even the hair on your dog’s back can give you clues about how your dog may be feeling in any given situation.

#1: The stiffer your dog seems, it is more likely that trouble is underway. Most dogs stare and tense up before they erupt.

#2: Have a look at your dogs’ ears. Twitchy and moving ears may indicate a curious dog, while pinned ears often indicate a worried or fearful animal.

#3: A tail, raised higher, can be a sign of upcoming aggressive behavior. A tucked tail indicates an uncomfortable or scared dog. A dog with his tail held high and stiff may be indicating that he feels uncomfortable with others approaching.

Different parts of your dog’s body can give you important clues which can help you create the entire story in your dog’s life. The more skilled you get at interpreting your dog’s body language, the more capable you are of keeping them safe; and your canine friend deserves that.

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