5 Simple Tips to Befriend a Dog

You have probably experienced love at first sight when you first noticed your pup’s adorable eyes. You may have wanted to let the dog know just how much you adore him/her and the rest, as they say, is history.

Here are some helpful tips to greet a new pup.

  • Walk slowly and quietly to the dog’s owner to ask for permission to pet the dog
  • If the owner agrees, make a closed fist so that the back of your hard is facing upward. Extend your hand slowly to the dog
  • Let the dog sniff the back of your hand. Just as humans recognize people on sight, dogs recognize people by smell. Their sense of smell is almost 40 times as powerful as ours. Let the dog sniff your hand to learn your scent.
  • Once the dog has sniffed your hand and become familiar with you, pet it gently on its chest or under its chin.
  • Respect the dog’s space. Do not act in any manner that may make the dog feel afraid or anxious, such as sticking your face into a dog’s face or poke at him/her with your hands.

These simple yet highly effective tips can help you achieve success in easily becoming friends with a pup or a dog.

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